Monday, April 8, 2013


Welcome to the land of the flying giants! This server features almost pure vanilla survival in a world that let’s you discover a variety of dreamlike landscapes.

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We aim to keep your survival journey free from administrative interactions or permissive regulations as much as possible. You can start your own town all by yourself and keep your belongings safe from any outsiders without contacting an admin.

Server Address:

Server Location: EU, Stockholm, Sweden


  • No verbal harassment
          Nobody should feel insulted by what you say.

  • No abusive play style
          Your goal should not be to ruin other people’s games.

  • Respect the environment
          If you modify the wilderness try to leave it as appealing as you found it.


There are only very few commands accessible, the gameplay should stay as close to vanilla survival as possible. The server runs a lean setup of the plugin Towny, allowing only for the necessary features.

You can get information about available commands by typing "/help" at any time in game.

There are a few commands that you will need in-game-money for. You can acquire money by selling any item you found, wherever you are. For instance cobblestone yields one dollar, whereas redstone yields 32 dollars. You can find a complete price list here.

/town new <name>” Starts a new town where you are standing. Anything you build in your town is safe from outsiders by default. Also pvp is disabled by default. You can add residents to your town and build together.
Type “/help towny” in game for a list of the most important accessible commands related to towns.

If you want to know more about the plugin Towny see
or look for one of the many towny tutorials on YouTube.

/balance” Shows your account balance.

/sell hand [n]” Sells n items of the ones you are holding in your hand.

/econrankup buy regular” Allows access to all items and blocks.
/econrankup buy ender” Allows access to The End.

/mail” Allows you to send a message to another player even if he/she is offline.

"/kit cookies" Buys eight cookies, for when you are close to starving.
"/kit bed" Buys a bed, for when you don't have a home yet and lost your start items.

At Spawn

You will start your journey in the observatory, and there you will have access to a number of portals to choose from. Just enter a portal to start your survival in one of the unique landscapes, or simply leave the observatory to find your own way into the world. All these destinations are part of one world and you may travel freely to discover all of them. Spawn areas are protected and you cannot found towns there. As soon as you leave the spawn area you enter the wilderness, and be careful, pvp is enabled there. You can set your respawn-location by right-clicking a bed (even at daytime). Have fun!